Naomi Botha


Autism Spectrum Specialist Teacher & Behavioural Therapist


BSc (Hons) Psychology (London,UK)

PG Certificate Education (Exeter, UK)

PG Certificate Asperger Syndrome (Sheffield, UK)

SACE: 12427886

Personal Motivation



I am passionate about learning from individuals on the autism spectrum and empowering individuals to understand, accept and express themselves — to find their voice; to explore and discover their true identity and their unique place within our confusing social world.



I am a specialist teacher and behavioural therapist, an autism spectrum advocate and social interpreter. I embrace diversity and support individuals on the autism spectrum to understand the social expectations of this unfamiliar, confusing, neurotypical world and to find their unique place within it. I also love to educate, train and support parents and professionals in developing their understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity and focus on the range of strengths, differences and challenges that individuals face.



It is my privilege to work as part of a team, alongside students,  parents and professionals, to widen our understanding of neurodiversity, to work collaboratively to identify tools for equipping each individual on the autism spectrum, to develop their social—emotional understanding in order to thrive; to live a purposeful life and to ultimately find the right keys to help unlock their unique potential


Durness Dunes

Background & experience…

I was born in Scotland, gained a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree (London, 1998), and have over twenty years’ experience in mainstream and special needs education.


I have postgrad qualifications in teaching, autism and special needs and have gained extensive training and experience using a range of autism support strategies and teaching tools (incl. Social Stories, DIR Floortime, TEACCH, social skills, cognitive behavioural therapy, Gemiini DVM, ABA, PECS). In 2009, I was honoured to have a journal article on Social Stories published in Good Autism Practice.


In the UK, I worked as an Advisory Teacher for a local authority autism support team and was later appointed Teacher in Charge of a primary school autism spectrum department.


I moved to Cape Town in 2012 and taught at Oakley House School, setting up their first ALP Class in 2013. I went on to work as Operations Director for Khuluma Education, sharing GemIIni DVM: The online video modelling language teaching tool with families, schools and therapists across South Africa.


In recent years, I have developed my private practice as an Autism Spectrum Specialist Teacher & Behavioural Therapist; offering specialist autism and behaviour support, counselling, advice and social-emotional strategies, for students, parents and professionals, as well as presenting autism spectrum training sessions and workshops.

Professional qualifications, Training & Registrations…




Professional Qualifications:


BSc (Hons) Psychology (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK; 1998)


PG Certificate in Education (University of Exeter, UK; 2001)


Qualified Teacher Status (UK Department for Education and Skills; 2001)


PG Certificate in Asperger syndrome (Sheffield Hallam University, UK; 2009)


Graduate Diploma Module in Special and Inclusive Education: Understanding Children with ASD (Institute of Education, London, UK; 2010)





Residential Trips: Using Social Stories to Support Children on the Autism Spectrum

(Good Autism Practice Journal, Vol 10, No 2, October 2009, pp. 79-87, BILD) Click: Naomi Botha GAP Journal 2009 Article



Professional Registrations & Memberships:


Graduate Member of British Psychological Society


General Teaching Council for England


National Autistic Society (UK)


South African Council for Educators (SACE: 12427886)


Institute of Specialist Practitioners in Inclusive Education (ISPIE, South Africa)



Other Qualifications and Training:


Intensive German Language Course (RHUL; 1996)


Basic Information Technology Systems (RHUL; 1997)


ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) Therapeutic Team Training (New York Center for Autism Treatment; 1998)


British Sign Language Stage 1 (CACDP; 2000)


The Child with Communication & Behaviour Disorders (Imperial College, University of London; 2003)


Developing Counselling Skills for Teachers (London Metropolitan University; 2003)


Assessing and Responding to Dyslexia (GDST, London; 2004)


British Sign Language Stage 2 (CACDP; 2005)


Certificate in Christian Counselling (ACC; 2006)


The Picture Exchange Communication System (Pyramid Educational Consultants; 2006)


Autism, Asperger syndrome and Semantic Pragmatic Disorder (Terry Gilligan; 2006)


Asperger’s 100 Years on: Cutting Edge Strategies for Living and Working with Asperger’s (New Avenues; 2006)


Social Stories Training (BILD,; 2006)


Asperger’s Meets Adolescence (Make Sense, UK; 2007)


Understanding and Supporting Pupils with ASD in Secondary School (SENJIT, London; 2007)


Introduction to Safeguarding Children (LBC; 2007)


Outcomes for Children and their Parents of Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention for Autism (IOE; 2007)


OnlineInset Training – Training to be an Tutor for Online ASD Course (OnlineInset; 2008)


Positive Handling Training: Dealing with Challenging Behaviour (Team Teach; 2009)


Sensory Integration Course (Lizelle du Plessis – OT; 2010)


Understanding and Supporting Children with ADHD (Terry Gilligan; 2010)


Understanding and Supporting Children with Speech & Language Delay (Terry Gilligan; 2010)


Early Reading Research Training (LBC; 2010)


Understanding and Supporting Pupils with ASC in Primary School (SENJIT, London; 2011)


Sensory Processing & Regulating Attention in the Classroom (Rainbow Road AUS; 2011)


Dyslexia – Identification and Support – online course (University of Johannesburg; 2013)


Exploring Emotions Course: Breaking Through Bad Behaviour (Professional Minds; 2015)


Reach, Teach & Treat Conference (Professional Minds; 2016)


Workshop: Children and Adolescents with ASD (Tony Attwood, Bellavista, JHB; 2017)


Master Class: Children & Adolescents with ASD Level 1 – Asperger syndrome (Tony Attwood; 2017)


Behaviour Challenges: Strategies for addressing Autistic Traits and Challenging Behaviours (Professional Minds – Practical Strategies, Level 1: 10 CEUs; 2017)


Psycho-education For Teachers For Improved Classroom Behaviour: Skills for Dealing with Explosive Children for Improved Learner Behaviour (Cornerstone – Level 1, 5 CPD points; 2017)


Praxis Made Perfect Conference and Therapist Workshop (Professional Minds -Level 1: 10 CEUs; 2018)


DIR Floortime 101 – How To Build Healthy Foundations For Social, Emotional and Intellectual Capacities Rather Than Focusing On Skills and Isolated Behaviour (Maude le Roux, A Total Approach; 2018)


Imago Couples Counselling Workshop (Cornerstone; 2018)